About Raffia Roses

Raffia Roses is a small craft studio operated by photographer and artist, Virginia Rufener-Angus. Our studio is housed in the Owl’s Nest at 2006 Kelty Road, Franktown, Colorado, in the greater Denver area. We are right beside Castlewood Canyon State Park. Here, we work on a two-acre property: an old farm, built in 1910, and converted to a coffee shop, boutique & photography studio.

Our style is distinctive. We might shoot several hundred images of you and your family in our studio and moving or playing around our two acre home. Working with the digital images to select only the best, correcting color, retouching every detail, we’ll produce two kinds of image. One is a timeless, yet unique portrait. The other is a fanciful image in a playful setting limited only by our imagination. Unlike most studios, your children play freely over acres of rural space with a Rocky Mountain backdrop. They can meet our chickens, jump, run, and play. They are not asked to smile; they just do.

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We are certain that you’ll find Virginia’s work amazing & unique, representing a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. We do straight portrait work; but we specialize in graphic art enhancements to your image. Your images can be placed into a fanciful background in a way that brings out the character of the subject.

Not only can we perform this work for portraits that we’ve taken in our studio, or on location; but we can also do this for your own images. This can include photo restoration work on what would otherwise be damaged or unrecoverable family heirlooms.

If you have old images of your parents, grandparents, and so on, we can also work them into our Family Tree images. These are highly detailed art pieces suitable for handing down for generations. Please check out our sister site at Creative Family Tree for more information on these.