Hiring a professional photographer is an investment. You aren’t paying for just the click of the camera. Professional photographers bring equipment, experience and photo editing knowledge to the experience that most individuals don’t posess. Beginning to end, the entire process of taking, editing and printing a portrait can take hours. It involves not only taking the photo, but cropping, adjusting lighting and removing blemishes. Whatever it takes to get just the right image.

Our Fancified Fotos, involve hours of design time and are a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Properly displayed professional photographs are also an investment that add a personal and charming touch to your home’s decor. They enable you to preserve memories for years to come.

We use only the very best in digital methods, archival papers and inks. Properly cared for, our prints will last for generations.


Photo packages


Frequently asked

What am I investing in?

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment. You are not paying for the click of a smart-phone; however good the sensors are these days. Besides the latest in camera and lens equipment comes a fully calibrated digital darkroom that is worth far more than the camera or lens themselves. You’ll have prints on archival papers and inks that will last for generations. 

Do you have references?

Yes. Any potential client can see our portfolio and contact previous clients who have given their permission. 

What print products are available?

We can deliver the broadest possible range of print products from framed prints, canvas blocks, printed books, painted images, cards, and even more creative options: your child’s silhouette on a commerative sign, your dog’s paw on a rolling pin, your grandkid’s faces cut into rusted steel ornaments for the tree or as wind-chimes for the patio? Yes, we can.

What will it cost?

Each package is priced selectively but you will know up front what you are paying for and what you will receive. 

Can I get full-res digital images?

In general, no. We can provide digital images (jpegs usually) that represent finished product suitable for social media and posting online. So-called RAW files out of the camera would be of no value except to an experienced image artist. 

Tie ins with your family trees?

Interested in tying your photo sessions with a personalized family tree to commemorate the big event? Well, family trees are a speciality of the house. Check them out on the menu above. 


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